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A Unique Digital Real Time Healthcare Solution.

“State of art dexterous Hardware seamlessly integrated with our robust and intuitive Software."


Who we are?

Dedicated and passionate group committed to delivering a paradigm shift from reactive, episodic, issue centric, “Illness care”, to a proactive, connected & patient centric “Wellness Care”.

Our Mission

Participative, Personalized, Predictive evidence based and validated healthcare management.

Our Vision

To offer tomorrow’s Concept as today’s Product in Digital Health Care – Upgrade standard medical care to “Bionic Care”.

What is TeleGaruda

An instantaneous Virtual Health Connect to Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime. Offers TeleConsult in any Ecosystem - Home, Hospital, Ambulance, Emergency, ICU, Theatre & Rounds. All Terrain operation - Land, Sea & Air.

Instant Connect

Patients in hospital ecosystem or in any Environment interfaced with Specialty providers in any terrain.

Ingenious Hardware

High resolution optical & digital PTZ Camera integrated with a host of Medical Peripheral Devices.

Intuitive Software

Our robust & secure software communicates remotely & seamlessly for optimal user

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Why TeleGaruda ?

Our product bridges the gap between Time/Distance and patient care. Emergency specialized Healthcare delivered in Real Time.

Neutralizes lack of access, availability & affordability. Thus mitigating morbidity & mortality.


Zero vulnerability of Data archived in cloud server with end to end Encryption.


HL7 FHIR Standards complied. RESTFul Webservice.

Enhanced Experience

Patient & Provider centric with customizable design.

Our Features

Appointment Scheduling

For routine / queue / emergency consults - well structured and customizable for use with a 24x7 roster, month on month calendar for care providers.


High resolution audio / video for real time examination by control of Pan, Tilt & Zoom features of the Camera giving flexibility to operate remotely.

Peripheral Devices

It is conveniently integrated with Stethoscope, Otoscope, Funduscope, Derma-scope, Endoscope mode, etc with great visual and investigative design.

Electronic Medical Record

Patients' medical, Surgical history, Examination, Review of Systems, Diagnosis, Management & Treatment from Womb to Tomb.

Lab Investigations

Place Lab orders and Upload & Access Lab reports. Generate and evaluate respective patients results with ease.


Proprietary DICOM viewer with PACs server - stores, retrieves, magnifies and indexes Images by using Medical Imaging Software.


Highly Secure Chat feature enabled for communication between the Doctor, Administrator and Hospital.

Notifications for Providers

Appointment Schedules, Alerts, Alarms, to place Investigations, Order Prescriptions and Live Data Monitoring.

Special Features

All data is preloaded with US & Indian Pharmacopoeia, Labs & Imaging, Allergens, Vaccination & Immunization maps.

Emergency workflows

Has preloaded workflows such as NIH Stroke Scale and the most validated stroke protocol.

SNOMED CT integration

To arrive at evidence based clinical decision by structured data validation.


Mobile Cart Mounted with PTZ Camera, Dual Monitor with wireless connectivity, and built in power source.

Security, Compliance & Certification


We are HIPAA Compliant with double ended encryptions, protecting patient data as per the laws and guidelines underlined in it. 

HIPPA compliance for privacy of patient records


We are complaint with the strictest ISO protocols regarding data encryption, storage and transfer with certification for the same.

ISO certification for software companies regarding data security and privacy


We have SOC2 TYPE2 certification A type of audit report that attests to the trustworthiness of services provided by CureSelect LLP.

SOC 2 TYPE II Certified

AES 256

AES is one of the best encryption protocols available with 256 bit encryption as recommended by the US national institute of standards. 

AES a brute force protection algorithm approved by the American standards organization

Our Partner

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Texas institute for Neurological disorders

Questions? Look here

Yes with all its advantages of security, speed, 24/7 * 365 days availability, ease and control on documentation, automated updates on software.

Highest standards of security to ensure that all patient data are safe & secure. It adheres to all HIPPA compliance and law.

No. Your own personnel can be given basic training since it’s a simple and intuitive software.

Yes we have a dedicated 24/7 * 365 team to onboard and for technical assistance and maintenance.

It is extremely user friendly and offers a seamless experience.

We offer medical & financial reports and analysis including graphical representations.

Yes. The cart is equipped with a full battery backup that lasts 4 hours and can continue working even in disaster or power outage scenarios.

Yes. All vitals and data are uploaded instantaneously and can be accessed through a provider login given to each healthcare professional involved.

Yes. A message and mail alert can be forwarded to you with all abnormal values highlighted for action.

Yes. We can add billing and insurance and generate or store invoices in the cloud for future reference.


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